What Critics Say...

Arizona Dream rates 87% on film-review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes, and an 86% from audiences. This is notable, given that Warner Brothers refused to release the film in the U.S. after viewing director Emir Kusturica's final cut. For nearly a decade, it was only available in Europe. Upon its release in U.S. theaters and on the home video market, here is what some of the country's top critics had to say: 


"Arizona Dream is enjoyably adrift, a wildly off-the-wall reverie."  – Janet Maslin, New York Times


"Arizona Dream is a kind of cross between Gus Van Sant and Robert Altman. As determinedly hip as it is, however, it most likely will cut as deep five years from now as it does today."  – Kevin Thomas, Los Angeles Times


"Arizona Dream is one of those movies that slips through the cracks. Hollywood bureaucracy has been established precisely to prevent films like this from being made. And yet it was made, and it is goofier than hell - you can't stop watching because nobody in the audience, and possibly nobody on the screen, has any idea what's going to happen next."  –  Roger Ebert, Chicago Sun-Times


"David Lynch, you've got a target on your back. Compelling and strange, worth seeking out if you can find it (which ain't easy)."  – Christopher Null, Filmcritic.com


"A peculiar and entrancing gem."  – England's Film 4

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