Jeff Palfini and Cindy Heslin formed Boondocks Film Society in March 2017, as a nonprofit pop-up film event series that would expand the bounds of film programming in Northwest Connecticut, and spotlight some of the area’s top creative talent, including filmmakers, musicians, poster artists, chefs, mixologists, sculptors, puppeteers and more.

In search of something interesting to do in the hinterland of NW Connecticut, the Hudson Valley and the Berkshires, Boondocks Film Society has launched a series of events centered around critically acclaimed, but challenging films, placed them in the most interesting venues the area has to offer, and added elements like free commemorative posters, film-inspired food menus and craft cocktails created by local chefs and mixologists, and live music to set the tone for the screening. We're talking full-fledged events, not just nights out at the movies.